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Ashod Kassabian
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2009 Holiday Celebration Photos

Friday December 12, 2009

KickApps Widget Studio

Wednesday March 11, 2009

6:00 - AdAge POWER150 from AdAge Top Media and Marketing Blogs

6:15 Add Social & Media Applications functionality to your site.
With the KickApps Widget Studio, every web publisher, marketer and developer can create their own Flash Widgets, embeddable applications and WidgeADs™

The KickApps Widget Studio is a point-and-click, WYSIWYG environment for building widgets-- video players, audio players, slideshows, a variety of RSS feed renderers, carousels, and many more, with integrated support for 3rd party apps like Meebo chat rooms and Yahoo! Maps.

Come see a demo of this innovative new tool with Josh Weinstein, Widget Studio product lead, and Mark Ledford, a senior Flash developer on the project.

JavaScript and Ajax by Mike G

Wednesday February 11

6:00 - 10 Great Web Sites from BtoB the Magazine for Marketing Strategies

6:15 -An introduction to adding Social Media Applications functionality to your site using for the growing 3rd party developer community by Mitch Pirtle, Vice President of Developer Relations.

6:30 - girouard_michael Introduction to JavaScript and Ajax by AJAXWORLD Speaker Michael Girouard. Mike is a front-end web developer living in New York City. As the Sr. Developer at the creative agency Magnani Caruso Dutton, Mike takes pride in his ability to introduce web-standards and beautiful code to industry giants such as Discover and AT&T. In his offtime, he goes right back to his editor and codes toward his latest open-source baby, Panda PHP Components. You can read more about him and his other projects on his blog, and AJAXWorld RIA Conference - Speaker Mike Girouard's JavaScript Design Patterns.

Scripting the DOM by Ray Sweeten

Wednesday January 14
6:00 - Ray Sweeten introduces Scripting the DOM (Document Object Model).
  • DOM versions/history
  • Working process, Firebug (Firefox)
  • Accessing DOM nodes
  • (un)Registering events on nodes
  • JS namespacing and object literal structure
  • Basic Ajax calls and Json (via PHP)
  • Basic jQuery
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