Web Design & Outsourcing Issues
by Jolanta Gora-Wita
Wednesday November 8, 2006
Web Design & Outsourcing Issues
Web Designers, Project Managers and Programmers
Learn from your Competition's Strength and Weaknesses
by Jolanta Gora-Wita

Ms. Gora-Wita established in early 1998 Bincode New Media, a pioneering independent international internet based entity Bincode.com. She is a web producer and webmaster, for a popular New York city based art publication – NY Arts Magazine, since 1995. She worked in the past for a major advertising companies and art publications www.nyartsmagazine.com.


1. Outsourcing as an effective way to stretch your budget.

2. E-commerce and IT innovations implemented with small losses - outsourcing may be the way out for small budget companies.

3. Cutting your costs and upgrading the quality of the services – outsourcing will allow you to expand the competitive capacity of your business.

4. Outsource your job and save your time and concentrate on your core activities.

5. Experienced and highly qualified vendor – you will gain valuable expertise in support of your web design company capacity.

6. Inexpensive forms of mass communications, Instant messengers as: Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Skype and E-mails.


1. The inherent problems of communication, telephone limited dialogues, E-mail correspondence - misunderstanding, language and/or cultural problems - all kinds of mix-up in the process.

2. An outsource company might be trying to diversify the business progress in one particular area of their interest.

3. Some vendors advertise services and even take up projects having little or no experience in the corresponding areas.

4. Almost all outsource service providers place the highest emphasis on the most advantageous projects.

5. Most vendors try to accumulate as many projects as they can without concern for quality.

6. The qualification of the vendor might be questionable, double check references.